The Grandview Boathouse


Boathouses are precious commodities. We’re always honored to help protect and preserve them, as virtually all lake municipalities (except Wayzata) prohibit new boathouses and the re-building of former boathouses. We were thrilled to renovate the legendary Grandview boathouse on Carson’s Bay, as it was an exciting opportunity to create a new chapter in Lake Minnetonka history. Together with our clients and architectural designer Ben Nelson, we re-planked the deck, rebuilt the boathouse and added French doors, custom paneling and a gas fireplace. Presided over by the original Grandview sign, the boathouse is wonderful place for reading, playing shuffleboard and watching football games. In an exciting postscript to this project, it was featured in Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka, a coffee table book about the good life on the water.

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