Grandview Residence


Building this beautiful new home on Grandview Point on Lake Minnetonka was a true honor. More than a century ago, this incredible property overlooking Carson’s Bay was the home of William Donaldson, co-founder of Donaldson’s department store, and his wife. In the 1970s, the land was divided and the house on the point was sold to Tom Maple, commodore of the Minnetonka Yacht Club and his wife Barbara. When the tides of Lake Minnetonka turned yet again, the Maples sold their house to our clients, who were living in Switzerland. They were overseas for most of the design and construction process, so we collaborated with them and architectural designer Ben Nelson via phone, email and Skype to transform the old house into a modern, three-story family home on the original footprint. Inspired by the couple’s favorite Italian boutique hotels, the new Grandview brings a sophisticated European sensibility to this storied property.

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